We’re in a horrible, repugnant place now where kids are told it’s their right and due to be hugely famous. Not good at their job, not good at anything, just hugely famous. This is not sane. Little girls think they’ll be famous if they have vast breast implants and might as well die if they don’t.

I’m so happy with my family, my career and my friends, and I’d like for them to be here forever, so I guess loss is what scares me the most.
Happy 32nd birthday, Jared Padalecki!

Now I know what kind of Alpha you are.
            And where your next step lies.
                                                    What next step?
When you take the bite of an innocent,
            when you make a wolf of your own.

Emilia Clarke speaks at Variety Studio presented by Moroccanoil at Holt Renfrew during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.


Asking if I want to link my tumblr account to my facebook is like asking me if I want to invite my family over to watch me masturbate


We here have been brutalized with loss. It has made us brutal in return.

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